Deep in the Northern Wastes, a kingdom arose more than two thousand years ago. Now in its third age, the city of Korshakal comes face to face with the fact that there are other races other than humans on this continent. As King Groml tries to negotiate peace, the nobles of the city work behind his back to put the city into the hands of another king in the far away city of Tamabern. Within a year the city is assaulted from the South and West by Emperor Amanerinthor of the southern Elvish city of Socolinarthias. From the west the armies of Tamabern grow closer day by day until finally the city is under attack from 3 sides by two armies. Due to the Vast Mountains (Named for their vastness) the two invading armies are not even aware of each other for three weeks. The Eastgate slums are packed with refugees from nearby farms and plantations. As the situation worsens, it becomes clear that even the great walls of Korshakal could not keep the enemy armies at bay forever. General Marlholden and Captain Vorsen decide to take half their army across the bay to ambush the Tamabernan army. The rest of the soldiers would hold three gates with the help of the city guard and Captain Vorsen. A call has been raised. The time for war has come, and the cries of your city beckon you forward.